Pipeline & GIS Industry Links 

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Pipeline & GIS Industry Links

Check these sites for more information on the oil and gas pipeline industry and GIS industry:

Pipeline Links

American Gas Association

Association of Oil Pipelines

American Petroleum Institute

Australian Gas Association

Australian Pipeline Industry Association

Canadian Energy Pipeline Association

Canadian Gas Association

International Gas Union

Interstate Natural Gas Association of America

Malaysian Gas Association

National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives

Northeast Gas Association

Office of Pipeline Safety

Pipeline 101

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)

PHMSA Gas Integrity Management

PHMSA Distribution Integrity Management

PHMSA Hazardous Liquid Integrity Management

Professional Institute of Pipeline Engineers (PIPE)

Railroad Commission of Texas

Southern Gas Association

GIS Links

APDM : ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model


Esri Mapping Center

GITA : Geospatial Information & Technology Association

GIS Data

PODS Association