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Android and iOS based mobile app allows field pipeline inspection, maintenance and event reporting form completion. Publish enterprise-wide for cross-platform updating and sharing of form data.

DataFrame™ FieldTracker, a workflow-driven form entry and management system, allows field and office users to collect and enter complex data such as inspection reports, patrol reports, and incident reports. Data collection is straightforward through easy-to-use scrollable, drop-down driven, and collapsible sections on mobile devices. Once collected, data is passed through an approval process and then published to the enterprise database. The highly integrated nature of DataFrame™ FieldTracker makes it perfect for organizations that want a solid, repeatable process for the collection of data that eliminates the errors that occur in traditional processes. The end result is data that is up-to-date for pipeline operation and integrity management.

DF-L iconWorkflow-Driven Process

A streamlined built-for-mobile interface means users spend more time collecting useful data. A navigation bar at the bottom allows for quick navigation between the major sections of the application. The inbox shows all forms currently assigned to the user and indicates form status, and any attachments or comments. One-click entry into forms allows for fast viewing and editing. Once completed, forms are submitted to the next person in the approval chain, or published to the database if permissions allow. Auto-sync automatically syncs data when a data or WiFi connection is available. Manual sync allows users to control synchronization.

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The approval process ensures that field managers review and approve all user forms as needed. The approval process follows strict workflows, if desired, where users can only submit to their assigned supervisors. The application allows for multiple tiers of approval, allowing a series of supervisors to review or approve each form. Only users with publishing permissions can publish to the database, while other users can only assign those forms to other users for approval. Saved digital signatures automatically stamp forms when approving or publishing for accountability.

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Take and use photos from mobile devices and attach directly to forms for added detail. In addition, view photos or attachments that have been previously attached to form, including Excel, Word, PDF documents and many other file types. Redline or annotate using customizable tools including redlining photos. Robust commenting allows adding comments to any form, viewing other comments, as well as any approval or rejection notes.

DF-L iconCombined Online and Offline Environment

Whether in the office with internet, in the field with WiFi or data connection, or in the field with no data access, DataFrameâ„¢ FieldTracker captures that important data. Populate forms with or without connection and when back in a connected environment, manually or automatically synchronize to the database to send, update, and receive any form changes. Forms can also be edited, approved, and published through web-based Facility Explorer.

DF-L iconStandard Forms Library

A standard forms library is delivered with DataFrame™ FieldTracker, including forms for Foreign Line Crossing Inspections, Anomaly Inspections, Bellhole Digs, Leak Surveys, and Valve Inspections. Forms can be custom-built from templates or made from scratch in workshops tailored to each client. This ensures flexibility in supporting a wide range of different form types and ability to support changing business needs.

DF-L iconIntegrated Business Intelligence

Real-time calculation and validation assures users fill out forms completely and accurately. This minimizes changes for invalid entries, improving data accuracy and consistency. Coordinated information can be collected for forms by using the built-in or external GPS on the mobile device. Completion time of forms is minimized through the use of pre-populated and auto-complete input fields, reducing the need for re-entering data. Built-in integration with Google Maps with zoom to location and driving directions allow field personnel to quickly get to the field destinations.

DF-L iconHard-Copy PDF

During the form publishing process, a hard copy PDF version is created and stored in a configurable shared network location. This allows for PDFs to be attached to facility events, viewed through other GeoFields applications, or printed and archived. Formats can be configured to follow previous years hard copy forms.